How to make tough film career choices

You know most of the time we pass through life, allowing circumstance or others to make choices for us. In many ways it’s inevitable, it’s simply too hard to swim against the current all the time, and those who do, usually burn out.


The trick is making the distinction between what is, and what is not, important to you. And then make an active choice, even if you have to swim against the current to do it.

I found this Venn diagram (below) earlier today and it got me really thinking about what I am doing – not just on a life level, but actually today, right now.

So, watch the video, it’s only five minutes, then study the diagram – when you next have ten minutes today, think about what you are doing – are you on autopilot, doing what life or others are expecting of you, or are you actively choosing what you do?


Chris Jones

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