How to begin a career in the creative industries… Or, how to reboot an old career in the creative industries.

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012

What an extraordinary address. If you work as a creative freelancer, or you create stuff, no matter the discipline, clear 20 minutes from your schedule, switch off the phone, shut down Twitter and Facebook and watch this.

So much of what Neil presents chimed in with my life, my work, my way of seeing the world. But one thing really cut through.


The challenge the world presents me right now. Having spent years learning the old rules, the way things had evolved over decades, sometimes even centuries – books, photography, film, music, art – it’s ALL in flux because of the way we now distribute and consume stuff.


The time has come to radically re-evaluate what I want from the world, what I can offer the world, and how I can achieve the harmony that brings me the kinds of success I really want.


I suspect that the only things that won’t be changing for me over the coming years will be my attitude and relentless curiosity…


Chris Jones

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