Mark Morris Story

Chris Jones professional library of books inspired me. In those far off learning days, I wanted a blueprint for every aspect of film making and found the single most important source book to grace my collection.


A movie blueprint guide to everything. I put into practise what I learned and made two high quality short films. 

Evil of the vampires my short film was shot on super 16mm with equipment kindly borrowed from Arriflex and scanned to a hard drive using a Cintel international Ditto. The film was entered into numerous festivals and shown at the prestigious Rhode island international film festival as well as in Hollywood and a premier held for cast and crew at a London west end theatre. It's been shown to many short film distributers.

About me
I am a writer, producer, director, DP and actor who has a burning desire to direct feature films. To that end I have written 15 feature films and penned numerous shorts and made two high quality but low budget short films that have been entered into international film festivals. I have also made many other short films, some of which can be seen on vimeo.

As a breakout film, I have written a screenplay for a full length feature called "Vampire Resurrection" budgeted for £200,000. Although this is an extremely low figure for a feature film I know my years of practice making short films using full cast and crews have given me ths skills in every area of film making to maximise value for money as well as in the past running two succesful busineses. I would like to meet serious producers who could potentially finance the project.

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