Hollywood Pocketbook Resources

Breaking into Hollywood with Andrew Zinnes, seminar

In this seminar Andrew covers among other things...

  • How to get to LA
  • Managers, Agents and Lawyers
  • Pitching in LA
  • Setting up meetings in LA
  • Making the transition to LA
  • How to survive Hollywood

Listen HERE

Book Updates

We will be adding updates to the new Hollywood Pocketbook every so often and you can read them here...


Expect hot lists, articles, commentary and interviews with industry experts.





Agents and Managers

A short list of agents and managers in LA.

Pitching in Hollywood, seminar

This panel of established writers have all successfully pitched to big studios, indie producers and TV networks out in LA LA Land, and here they share their tips, tricks and strategies for Hollywood Pitching success. With Dave Reynolds (Finding Nemo), Staurt Hazeldine (Knowing) and filmmaker Jonathan Newman.


Selling your first spec script in LA: a case study seminar

How do you sell your spec script in Hollywood. Hear from the author of the Hollywood Pocketbook how along with her husband Andrew Zinnes, she manages to sell the rights to Warner Brothers… be warned, it’s a cautionary tale!



How an actor and filmmaker with no contacts or experience landed SAW in Hollywood

Interview with writer / actor Leigh Whannell and producer Stacey Testro on the making of 'SAW'.From the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook (wish short promo that sealed the deal)



More Resources To Follow