Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook/Pocketbook resources

Book updates

We will be adding updates to the Guerilla Filmmakers Pocketbook every so often and you can read them here... BOOK UPDATES HERE. Expect hot lists, articles, commentary and interviews with industry experts.





Self Distribution Case Study

A one hour podcast with filmmaker Marcus Markou on how he managed to take his micro budget to the big screen AND turn a profit. MUST LISTEN inspirational case study.


Contracts and Paperwork

The original production forms, paperwork and legal contracts we put together for The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook - we still use them today!

A Career in Editing (40 minute seminar)

This presentation, from the Avid stand at BVE, is about developing a career as an editor, specifically an editor moving into drama. It’s a five stage plan, the first two stages taking around one or two years each, stage three, four and five could easily be a lifetime.


Script to Screen with Jonathan Newman

The last interview in the Guerilla Filmmakers Pocketbook was with Jonny Newman when he was in post on 'Swinging With The Finkels'. We caught up with him on the weekend of his release, and also got him to share his screenplay and production paperwork - a treasure trove of data. Listen and read here...



Making Dead Wood and selling to Lionsgate

How did three British filmmakers with a Canon XL1 manage to shoot a horror movie that they then sold to Lionsgate? In this two hour indepth presentation, David Bryant and Sebastian Smith reveal how they did it, and what you should do if you are planning a horror movie.


Lost your CD?

The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook cames with an CD which some people have lost. You can download the entire CD here and burn a new one.




More Resources To Follow