A Career In Editing

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A video of a presentation on the Avid stand at BVE about developing a career as an editor, specifically an editor moving into drama. It’s a five stage plan, the first two stages taking around one or two years each, stage three, four and five could easily be a lifetime.


The value in this plan is in understating where you are in your career, so you can plan accordingly and not become distracted or waste time and money. The plan is based loosely on one that I deliver for filmmakers, and was adapted using my own experience as an editor and in consultation with other editors, especially Eddie Hamilton.


Developing the plan, Eddie kept reminding me that the key stage is when you get professional experience by running, interning and assisting at post production facilities. There you will get hands on experience, get to ‘be in the room’ to see editing under pressure, make new professional contacts, and if you are good at your work, make yourself irreplaceable. This happens in stage 2 of my plan and yet, so many people launch into it too early and loose heart – they may not be ready for that experience.


So a big thanks to Avid for giving me their stand, and I really hope you find the presentation useful.

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    Scott Clements (Thursday, 21 March 2013 02:35)

    Great advice, Chris. I caught the last half live at BVE, but am glad to have seen the presentation in its entirety here.


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    Joshua Anite (Saturday, 09 January 2021 20:01)

    This is simply great. I love each piece of advice given here. Wish you the best and thanks for the insight.